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Learn how to make money with your wallet using a mobile app!
Cloud Token is much more than just a cryptocurrency wallet. It is also a special bot named JARVIS AI that will multiply your assets on arbitrage transactions.

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Your benefits

You earn 6% – 12% per month!

No membership fees

No packages to buy!

You can withdraw funds whenever you want

You earn passively even without recommending

We’ll show you how to make over $1000 a day in the first 30 days!

If you want to recommend, you earn 100% from the first level and 50% from the second!


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Short explanation of VAROOM strategy and why it is better than traditional arbitrage.

In Cloud Token we are talking about arbitrage in a slightly different way than it is known from its common definition!

Here we deal with HOLDing in pairs. It means that it is an arbitrage between pairs, not between the exchanges. Every second 300 pairs of crypto is being watched.

Trade on cryptocurrencies is not so much a question of their value but of a large amount, and that is the whole secret. The greater amount of assets, the fixed fees on the exchanges are lower, and each of thousands transactions per month becomes profitable even with a small percentage of profit.

Example: If BTC price is $5000 and I have $5000, I can purchase 1 BTC. If BTC price is $2500, I can purchase 2 BTC, using $5000. So if the prices of BTC fall, the bot buys to exchange for more BTC. In next step, BTC is combined with other cryptocurrencies for arbitrage on cryptocurrency pairs within the same exchange.

So, this is not a classic arbitrage, i.e. buying $5000 on binance and selling it for $5010 on bitmex. The withdrawal time and transaction fees cause that such trade is out of date. Arbitrage is therefore used here on different cryptocurrency pairs, which helps you to avoid various costs.

System ensures a total transparency of cryptocurrency trading in real time.

In application, in Orders history OR in Projects > Jarvis AI > (right top bar) you can watch live broadcast of recently made arbitrage transactions.

In the future, you will be able to run your JARVIS AI bot on one of 38 available exchanges!

It means that all our assets will be under our full control.


Investment plan, or how much can I earn?

Daily profit:

You can earn here a variable daily profit: 0.2% - 0.4% per day, on average, 0,3% per day (8 - 12% per month – on average, 10% per month)

The value of the Token:

CTO value of the Token at the start of the project was $0.3, and this is just the early phase after the premiere.

Current value is $0.4 (01.06.2019) It is estimated that by the end of 2019 CTO value will be $10 - $12!

Thanks to JARVIS AI you earn triply!


You make a profit on an increase in the price of your cryptocurrency as if you normally kept it on the exchange / coldwallet.


You gain 10% per month in CTO.


Accumulating CTO and waiting with the decision to change them to ETH, CTO increases in value each week.
You earn even more!

Why it’s worth to let JARVIS AI bot work for your cryptocurrency?

When you keep a cryptocurrency, for example 1 BTC / ETH on a currency exchange or coldwallet, you always have the same amount: 1 BTC / ETH – you only have a profit if the exchange rate increases.

At the same time when you provide Jarvis AI bot with 1 BTC / ETH, you will get more!

No exchange of cryptocurrency into dollars or other tokens as in other projects. You still have your cryptocurrency, exactly the same number as at the beginning.

No time lock of assets as in other projects!
You can withdraw your cryptocurrency at any time (if necessary).

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To create your Cloud Token wallet, during the registration you must provide the reference code of the introducing person. Joining our group gives you additional benefits.

For those who would like to recommend the project, we have prepared instructional materials for advertising. You will receive your own partnership website, exactly the same you are looking at now, where you can use your reference code.

This makes gaining new partners even easier! You will also receive our re-investment strategy to help you increase your benefits!

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It is a complex service platform concerning the use of cryptocurrencies with three main functionalities: Intelligent financial management, Consumption, and Token payments. The app is officially available on the App Store and Google Play.

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