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Money with JARVIS™

How To Make $1000+ Per Day with a cryptocurrency wallet?

Learn how to create your account in Cloud Token step by step and start making money right now!


Create an account within 24 hours and receive additional benefits!

We have something really great for you! If in the next 24 hours you create your Cloud Token wallet and add funds for a minimum of $600 you will receive from us:

Thorough training

How to achieve $1000 profit per day in the first 30 days in Cloud Token!


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Facebook Chatbot

You will receive a configured virtual assistant that will help you get new people to Cloud Token!


information from Cloud Token. We have direct contact with the owner Ronald Aai

Our re-investment

...strategy. We will show you how to reinvest cryptocurrencies to earn more!

Instructional materials

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Step by step instructions:

Step 1 – Download the application

Enter a browser on your mobile phone and select the version to our system.

1) Link for download

2) Or download directly from Google Play or App store:

3) Put the below CODE in the field: „Referral Code”:


Step 2 – Payment / deposit  to Cloud Token in cryptocurrency

You don’t have cryptocurrencies?

Step 3 – Run JARVIS AI bot – transfer of funds 

Do you have a problem or did you stop at one of the steps?
Join our group to get support!


Complete a form
after creating the wallet!

When you create a Cloud Token wallet and add a minimum of $600...
you'll get the promised materials and tools!

In the form, you will be asked to enter such data as: Name, E-mail, the amount of investment in JARVIS AI, screen confirming the deposit to JARVIS AI as a warrant for receiving previously promised extra benefits. The screen should be taken from: Main > Levels > My Partners


Frequently Asked Questions

The project officially started on 12. May during a great event in Bangkok.

On that day, the first payment cards were issued. All users are to receive their cards in August.

First calculation of profits in CTO usually occurs after 24 – 48H, depending on when the funds were transferred to JARVIS AI bot and which cryptocurrency you chose.

Yes. Creating an account and using it is 100% free.

Of course. There is no minimum limit on the amount of funds you can transfer to JARVIS AI.

You can check the operation of the bot on a small amount of money, and then change the amount of funds transferred to JARVIS AI.

If you want to profit from the partnership program and receive commissions from building a group of partners, you must have at least $500 funds transferred to JARVIS AI.

The advised minimum amount is $550-600. This is due to fluctuations in the cryptocurrency rate, so that you always have an active minimum of $500 in your wallet.

NOTE: Partnership program pays you the premium only from the wallets with an active value higher than $500!

If you intend to make profit only from your own wallet and you do not want to take part in the partnership program, there is no minimum amount for JARVIS AI.

However, we recommend you to transfer at least $550, so that you can always make money on the partnership program as well as gain greater profits from your own cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, no. In order to activate the partnership program, that is, to earn money on the recommendations, you must provide JARVIS AI with a minimum of $500 in cryptocurrency / sum of cryptocurrencies.

To make sure that the partnership program is active all the time, you must have the active minimum of $500 – the value of the funds according to the exchange rate at a given moment.

NOTE: In the case of a drop in the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency you transferred to the bot, the partnership program can be disactivated. We recommend transferring a minimum of $550-600 to JARVIS AI to protect yourself against jumping exchange rates of cryptocurrencies – so that the partnership program is always active.

Yes. You can withdraw some or all of your funds at any time WITHOUT LIMIT!

Your cryptocurrencies are nor frozen and you have access to them all the time.

NOTE: If you withdraw your funds for JARVIS AI earlier than after 30 days from the date of transferring the funds, a 10% commission will be calculated from the withdrawn capital.

The funds withdrawal is FREE only when you withdraw your funds after 30 days or more from the date of transfer.

Yes. In the initial period of the project, it is worth collecting the maximum amount of CTO.

It is worth to wait for a couple of months to sell it at a higher price when its rate will grow.

Currently earned CTO can be exchanged into ETH and reinvested further to gain even greater amount of ETH and greater calculation of CTO from your investment.

(advised when the CTO exchange rate is higher than $3)

The minimum amount to deposit is 10 CTO.

There is no limitation on withdrawals – or the exchange of CTO to ETH.

At any moment you can exchange all your CTO to ETH and withdraw them to any ETH wallet.

YES of course. Wallets are not directly connected – all funds for JARVIS AI are separated for a specific cryptocurrency. JARVIS AI calculates the profit in CTO separately from each wallet (depending on the value of the cryptocurrency at a given moment).

Financial market is associated with the risk of losing funds. Past results do not guarantee future results. Cloud Token project references do not guarantee the profits, because they are not the owners or co-owners of the company. Persons promoting the Cloud Token also do not take responsibility for possible losses of the investors’ capital. Every investor who registers for the Cloud Token company approves the terms of the contract and the risk related to the investment on the financial market.

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It is a complex service platform concerning the use of cryptocurrencies with three main functionalities: Intelligent financial management, Consumption, and Token payments. The app is officially available on the App Store and Google Play.

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